A Single Twitter Handle Can Change Nightlife

Merriam-Webster defines nightlife as, “the activity of or entertainment provided for pleasure-seekers at night”. Hmm, that seems kind of vague right? I think so, too. Personally, in this day in age, I believe that this one simple word stands for so much more than the definition given to us–hopefully I can change your opinion, too.

Social media outlets now have an outstanding influence on the energy, growth and sustainability that is so very important to nightlife all across the country. Especially in popular cities like New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and so on. These popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and the extremely booming platform, Twitter, have consumed the majority of all marketing aspects of nightlife.

It’s crazy how one single Twitter handle can influence nightclubs and how often people frequent them, along with their opinion on the experience they may have. Rachel Rattenni posted a piece on a website, Guest of a Guest, about how one young girl who goes by the name of @nycgrlproblems has changed New York nightlife by simply tweeting.

Rattenni states, “As she assumes her following consists mostly 18-25 year-old girls from Manhattan, 20,000 is no small number—almost 30% of that demographic according to the Department of City Planning. In addition to satirical anecdotes meant to entertain, @nycgrlproblems has harnessed her network of followers to help promote local businesses that are important to her.”

Social media may seem like something only for the younger generation, but boy is that wrong. Using these platforms should go beyond occasionally posting pictures and videos to promote your club. It’s not just a “cool” thing to participate in, or a current”fad”–it’s a must for all businesses to mix into their marketing strategies to flourish their reputation and profit.


Hello World!

Hello everyone! Like you’ve probably read in my About section, my name is Karlea Pack–spelled a tad differently, but pronounced like “Carly”. I am a senior majoring in Public Relations within West Virginia University’s P. I. Reed School of Journalism and am minoring in Business Administration.

I was born and raised in southern West Virginia and cannot wait to graduate so I can finally leave this state and start over new. I am hoping to move somewhere with a much warmer climate than here, like Florida for example. I absolutely love to draw and paint, basically anything to do with art or being creative. I’m somewhat of a social butterfly, so having a fun time and making sure the people around me are having a blast as well is what I love to do.

Coinciding with my interests and being quite social, I am hoping to have my blog focus on the ever-changing nightlife scene and how social media is helping to grow this market’s popularity. Career-wise, event planning for a large entertainment company is my main interest. I’m hoping to be able to use my creativity and love of keeping people happy while having fun, to build a career and base my life on. That being said, I hope the focus of my future posts will help you all get a feel for my interests and how this will fit into my post-grad life!