Promoters: How do we track their progress?

Promoters are a normal element associated with every nightclub or venue, and help to create successful nights, week after week. Each promoter is paid to take the reigns of inviting a certain amount of customers to the club, filling multiple VIP tables for big events, making deals with those important people on bottle service, and so on. But the common question is:

How do the managers of these clubs know if their promoters are actually living up to the set standard?

If the establishment doesn’t have some type of tracking service for their promoters, there is no sure way of telling exactly how many people the promoter reached out to and how well his or her job was done. This is where integrated technology is said to aid in tracking each promoter’s work much more efficiently than simply looking at the point of sales system.

Me on my birthday with my friend Reggie, a promoter for E-Rock in NJ and NY.

Me on my birthday with my friend Reggie, a promoter for E-Rock in NJ and NY.

“Today’s technology can track the referrer of an individual customer, VIP reservation, or guest list party, making it easier to identify who’s bringing in the most traffic.”-Whitney Johnson of Book Bottles.

Book Bottles actually just launched a smartphone app (iOS & Android) for their services this past June. This mobile app was created to track reservation management, customer relationship management, and point of sale. Ah, at last, a solution for this problem with monitoring promoters.

After the promoter has invited each guest through any type of device he or she chooses, the customers within that guest list who show up will be tracked under said promoter’s name. Because of the specific name associated with those certain guests, bar owners or managers will finally be able to discover just how much traffic and money each promoter is bringing through their doors. Knowing exactly how much each promoter is helping or hurting a business is very important, and makes it much easier to make the right decisions regarding how activities are conducted inside establishments.


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