Morgantown Social Media: Intro

Today I’m going to break away from talking about bars and nightlife in the larger, well-known cities like New York and Miami for a brief period. I want to narrow my focus down to a more local standpoint and tell you a little about my favorite college town–good ol’ Morgantown, WV. Playboy just recently dubbed West Virginia University as the #1 Party School in the U.S., yet again. This wasn’t a surprise to most of us, but us Mountaineers still get pretty darn excited about it. I may be a tad biased, but we’re kind of a big deal.


Taken from

Okay, enough about that. Had to gloat for a second.

One of the factors that helps us get placed at the top of the charts is our crazy bar scene. We have several bars within just a few blocks right downtown which makes it very convenient to go out and grab a drink any night of the week–perhaps too convenient at times. Saving a buck is very important thing for any broke college student, especially one who’d like to spend their miniscule amount of money on beer rather than groceries. Practically every bar here has irresistible deals catered to each different night of the week. In this town we normally kick off the weekend on Thursday instead of Friday like normal people, and there are a few places that help us to do so.

Like I’ve reiterated time and time again, utilizing interactive platforms and social media are key elements to the success of any business and helps to drive customers through the doors. Majority of Morgantown bars have, at the very least, one type of social media presence, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or sometimes all three.

Below is a map I put together showing the popular 21+ bars and their social media presence. I chose to pinpoint Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram separately for each establishment.


Green Pin: Twitter        Blue Pin: Facebook      Red Pin: Instagram


4 thoughts on “Morgantown Social Media: Intro

  1. This is a good idea for a post that keeps with the theme of your blog (don’t forget this week’s second personal post). The map illustrates the story well, but there’s a few issues. Having multiple points for each bar (one for each social medium) is misleading because Point = Thing, but here there’s only a single thing (bar) being represented by multiple points. What you might consider instead is using the color to indicate quantity rather than type: Red could mean One social media presence (e.g., Facebook), Blue could mean two (e.g., Facebook & Twitter), and green could mean all three. This would be much clearer.

    • I always seem to make things a lot harder than they need to be.. good idea. Thanks, I’ll fix it.

      And thanks for the reminder, I already have my post for tomorrow sitting in my drafts.

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