Get Bent Through Instagram

Alright, so I’ve chosen to write just one more short post on a Morgantown bar and the way they utilize their social media platforms. Mentioned on the map incorporated in one of my previous posts, Bent Willey’s is the other 21+ night club to visit on the weekends, and the new poppin’ spot on Wednesdays for the 18+ party animals. Just like most of the other bars, every night of the week is a different special and they use three social media platforms to promote these specials and themed nights: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Willey’s Twitter and Instagram accounts are used daily, where as Facebook kind of has fallen of the radar for them, but that’s alright. It seems to me that Facebook just isn’t the right tool anymore in this college town, tweeting is much easier and/or quicker, of course keeps our attention a lot better, and forces us to be rather witty at times, considering the 140 character count. Anyways, Bent Willey’s Twitter handle utilizes that small amount of space to let all of their followers know if there are deals that night, what DJs will be spinning, and they always seem to throw a little optimism in on the rainy days.

Photo Oct 17, 10 04 55 AM

They do an awesome job of keeping on top of things, usually tweeting every few hours daily. Though, their Instagram account, in my opinion, is put to use somewhat better than Twitter. I’m a visual learner and love artsy things, so for all you right-brained Mountaineers like myself, you may like to follow them on Instagram to get the daily scoop.

Photo Oct 17, 10 06 07 AM

Whoever in management runs this handle uploads all graphically-designed flyers for specific events, and even chooses to upload short videos taken during the actual event–kind of like a “live” feed. This is a great way to incorporate video, and when potential customers are sitting on their couches scanning through their feeds, they may see just how many people are there having a blast and decide to get off their butts and join in on the fun. This is a very strategic way to get customers through the door and I’m wondering why more nightclubs in town haven’t jumped on to this yet.


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