It’s Better On Top



Search engine optimization, known as SEO, is an internet marketing strategy used to affect the ability for a webpage to appear within the top results in a search engine like Google, and others alike. This process or “trick” dives into how exactly these search engines work, what people are regularly searching for, and even the keywords that are typed into the search bar. Obviously, the higher the link is placed toward the top of the page, the more clicks it will most likely receive. Therefore utilizing SEO  is a smart way to help increase online traffic to your website, increase patrons through your doors, and  eventually possibly increase your overall sales profit.

This list cracked me up from a website that focuses on nightlife marketing…


  • Magic
  • A myth
  • A fad
  • Pixie dust
  • Science
  • A magic pill that solves all of your business and sales issues
  • A Harry Potter invisibility cloak

There are many companies out there and an abundance online who will conduct your every SEO task or need, but of course in exchange for money. Yes, it’s better on top of the search engine results, and even greater to be in the top three. Though, marketing and branding a nightclub is pretty important to drive customers through the venue doors, it doesn’t take a wizard or genius to figure out how SEO works. Everyone that searches any word online deals with SEO whether they realize it or not. Anyone, including myself, can type in a word and have at least five different words pop up in the drop-down menu trying to basically finish my sentence.

If nightclub owners don’t want to pay these SEO specific companies to get their business’s website or social media sites top ranked, they may be able to do it for themselves. There are many pages that have walk-through tutorials to help you get to know SEO. With a lot of time and trial-and-error effort, any nightclub or bar owner could become their very own SEO specialist.