Blog-a-day? Complete fail for this rookie.

This past week we were supposed to blog at least once each day, for all seven days, starting last Monday. I only ended up completing four out of seven posts–epic fail. Coming into this assignment I truly thought it would be easy, and not that time consuming.

It was difficult to balance my time for capstone, the rest of my semester’s class work, studying for exams, and my job. Finding the time to stop and write something actually worth reading seemed to be mind-boggling every time I sat down to write. Most of my problem was getting carried away with my schedule for each day and forgetting to post in between the prime reading hours of 1-4 p.m.

I clearly got my butt handed to me, learning that being an effective blogger is nothing to take lightly. My professor warned us about how daunting this could be, and even suggested that we take a couple hours on a free night to write two to three posts in advance to save as drafts. If we got busy and couldn’t sit down to write, we would have a few waiting there ready to publish. I definitely should have listened to him–rookie mistake.



Overall, I honestly think I failed miserably. Though, now after the week is over, I have a newly found respect for “professional” bloggers, especially those who post multiple times every single day. Props to you bloggers out there that I just described, this is so much harder than I thought!