It’s Better On Top



Search engine optimization, known as SEO, is an internet marketing strategy used to affect the ability for a webpage to appear within the top results in a search engine like Google, and others alike. This process or “trick” dives into how exactly these search engines work, what people are regularly searching for, and even the keywords that are typed into the search bar. Obviously, the higher the link is placed toward the top of the page, the more clicks it will most likely receive. Therefore utilizing SEO  is a smart way to help increase online traffic to your website, increase patrons through your doors, and  eventually possibly increase your overall sales profit.

This list cracked me up from a website that focuses on nightlife marketing…


  • Magic
  • A myth
  • A fad
  • Pixie dust
  • Science
  • A magic pill that solves all of your business and sales issues
  • A Harry Potter invisibility cloak

There are many companies out there and an abundance online who will conduct your every SEO task or need, but of course in exchange for money. Yes, it’s better on top of the search engine results, and even greater to be in the top three. Though, marketing and branding a nightclub is pretty important to drive customers through the venue doors, it doesn’t take a wizard or genius to figure out how SEO works. Everyone that searches any word online deals with SEO whether they realize it or not. Anyone, including myself, can type in a word and have at least five different words pop up in the drop-down menu trying to basically finish my sentence.

If nightclub owners don’t want to pay these SEO specific companies to get their business’s website or social media sites top ranked, they may be able to do it for themselves. There are many pages that have walk-through tutorials to help you get to know SEO. With a lot of time and trial-and-error effort, any nightclub or bar owner could become their very own SEO specialist.


Facebook FOMO

Like I’ve reiterated time and time again, making a presence on social media platforms is key to branding businesses and reaching out to potential customers. Utilizing multiple accounts can sometimes be confusing or seem like too much; however, it’s all about understanding who your audience is and how to cater to their interests using the websites that they enjoy most. Two of the most popular social media sites are none other than Facebook and Twitter.

Source: Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, February 2013

Source: Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, February 2013

As seen above in this bar graph, Facebook holds down the first place position, Twitter ranking just slightly behind in second place. Each one of the social media platforms presented in this 2013 graph are further divided into four bars expressing certain age groups. The two bars with the largest percentage, in both Facebook and Twitter, are users of 18 to 29 years of age. We all know that the legal drinking age is 21 across the United States, so a pretty good amount of users within the highest ranked age group for these two platforms are allowed to drink. If they aren’t old enough to drink, they can at the very least still go to a nightclub because they are 18.

Nightclub owners can easily find and put this information to use to promote and brand their establishment, or even specific events and specials being held for a limited time. I’ve previously elaborated on how Twitter has been used to its full potential by a bar in the town where I currently reside. It’s such a simplistic and quick networking device to connect with customers. But, what about good ol’ Facebook? Should nightclub owners make a presence on there if they already have other social media accounts up and running?

…hmm. How could we forget about Mark Zuckerberg’s greatest idea? Or stolen… idea…? Eh, whatever.

Using the specific age group statistics from above, nightlife establishments could focus on using Facebook’s numerous attributes rather than sticking to only Twitter, per say.  Wishpond gives five steps for bars and nightclubs to better market themselves and their businesses through Facebook.

  1. Target Your Audience.
  2. Share Photos.
  3. Promote Events.
  4. Create Buzz.
  5. Build Fans.

These five steps may seem rather obvious to some of you, but they are so incredibly important. Any social media site is going to of course get your name better known and build your brand. Though, going the extra mile by using fun-filled visuals to promote your events and create a positive buzz is essential. Personally, I love seeing pictures and videos with confetti, people smiling and dancing, along with so many fun-colored lasers that it looks like a Crayola box just exploded. Visuals like that make me want to just jump into them because they seem like so much fun. Using visuals like the type I just described probably have a much better shot at getting customers through the club doors than some boring picture of people sitting in a booth drinking. What’s the fun in that? Anyone can sit and drink on their couch instead of going out spending money. Presenting those potential customers with numerous, hyped visuals on Facebook makes it harder and harder for them to resist, possibly even creating some FOMO.